About Teacher's e-Kit

The concept of “Teacher’s e-Kit” meets the aim to provide the teachers much needed teacher specific material in a structured manner, which shall enhance the quality of teaching and teachers at national level, which is the main objective of the Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching( PMMMNMTT).

Each “Teacher’s e-Kit” shall be catering to teaching material required by a teacher to teach a topic in a conventional one hour class. It shall mainly comprise of four components as follows:

  1. Teacher’s Manual - This shall explain how to teach that topic with emphasis on how to introduce the topic, how to make it interesting, which questions can be discussed in between the topics, concept maps, etc.

  2. Teacher’s Presentation - This presentation can be used for teaching in classroom and must be in sync with the Teacher’s Guide.

  3. Teacher’s Assignments - This shall comprise of Subjective questions and MCQs with feedback for correct and incorrect option. Tagging with level of difficulty for different level of learners shall be done. Teachers may use these questions to create assignments.

  4. Teacher’s Know More - This section shall include some value additions like some common misconceptions, did you know, crosswords, web-links, etc. to take the learner out of syllabi boundary and to infuse.

  5. Any other Teacher’s Tool (Optional) - This may be a e-LO (as small video or animation), automated computation file, html activity, etc. which shall be useful for Teachers but has not been provided in the above 4 components in this form.

  • These “Teacher’s e-Kit” shall be developed by a teacher along with other teacher(s), called as author and co-authors, respectively.

  • The initial focus for OER shall be at UG level for theory and practical wherever applicable. It shall be subjected to a rigorous reviewing process, post that it shall be subjected to graphic recreation, etc. to give it professional output.

  • This contribution can be done by only those teachers who have attended at least one workshop organized by the GAD-TLC team or in collaboration either at GAD-TLC or any other place.

The GAD-TLC advisory committee studied and discussed this concept and its template and approved “Teacher’s e-Kit” as developed through rigorous methodology as above, to be as sufficient in terms of quality and quantity to be equated to the delivery process for “one e-module” so that the contributor teachers shall be eligible for 10 API per Teacher’s e-Kit as in accordance to the Gazette notification dated 11 July 2016.

Templates for Teachers e-Kit

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